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Updated: Sep 17, 2021

This month we continue our Spotlight Series as we introduce you to the wonderful Emmaus Home community. Next up is Kenneth, who lives in the Men’s House.

Everyone at Emmaus Home loves Kenneth's gentleness and zest for life! He enjoys sports, especially Bocce Ball. (He won while playing it in the Special Olympics!)

Kenneth loves the Lord, shows great concern for his housemates and has a wonderful work ethic. He helps with many of the chores around the house. He also recently celebrated his 50th Birthday with us! His housemates and our staff threw him a big party, and joy was felt by all.

Kenneth's family is thrilled that he has found a home in our community.

“Ken has gone from putting his clothes away when we were trying to take him back to his last group home to putting his clothes away at Emmaus Home before we bring him home," shared Keven, Ken's Dad. "He is very happy with being at Emmaus Home and is very anxious to get back as quickly as he can.”

We love having Kenneth as part of our community and look forward to many more years of sharing life together.

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