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This month we continue our Spotlight Series as we welcome our new friend, Lisa!

Lisa recently moved into one of our Women's Homes and has become housemates with Karen and Mikayla.

Lisa stays very busy and has many hobbies. Lisa enjoys reading, using her computer, volunteering at the Nature Center, working at her job twice a week, spending time with her family, cooking Korean food, shopping at the Korean Market, watching spooky movies, and listening to K-Pop.

Lisa has shared a lot about her Korean culture with us. Lisa is bilingual, speaking fluent English and Korean! She recently taught her housemate a few Korean words. Lisa has also introduced many of us to delicious Korean food. Lisa and her housemates recently hosted a luncheon where they cooked several Korean dishes including Korean Pancakes, Beef Bulgogi, and Kimchi.

Everyone at Emmaus Home adores Lisa's gentle and kind personality. We are so blessed to have Lisa as a part of our community and we look forward to many more years of sharing life together.

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