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Home Sweet Home at Windsor House

Welcome to Windsor Home! Nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Windsor, PA, this charming abode is graced by the presence of two remarkable souls, Brittnee Jones and Britney Ebron, each bringing their unique light to this special dwelling.

These ladies are wonderful to be around and very welcoming to everyone who comes through their door. They both enjoy people's presence, one of the many qualities that make Windsor Home such a great place to be.

Brittnee J, with her contagious laughter and love for life, finds solace in the simple joys that the day brings. From the captivating allure of TikToks to the warmth of her boyfriend's companionship, her days are adorned with moments of laughter and connection. The soft glow of movie nights and the melody of her favorite music create a cozy atmosphere that resonates throughout the walls of Windsor Home.

Britney E, a spirited artist in her own, immerses herself in the wonders of creativity and technology. She finds joy in playing on her tablet and exercising her creative side through arts and crafts. Her TV screen is always flickering with her latest favorite shows and her room is often turned into a dance floor filled with her favorite music.

Outside of the home, these ladies are very active in their community. They love to venture into the city of Philadelphia and spend time with their friends in the area. Both have taken road trips to the beach this past summer as well as trips to the mall and movies. When they are not going out together, Brittnee loves going to Hershey with her boyfriend. You can always find something to do and somewhere to go with these adventurous ladies!

Guiding the ship of Windsor Home are six dedicated and caring individuals who have become more than just staff to our residents. Anaiah Wilson, the House Supervisor, ensures everything runs smoothly at all times and fosters a sense of belonging. Joanne Stone and Michele Robinson, the Primary Leads, weave the threads of support and community, creating an atmosphere where everyone's uniqueness is celebrated. Then we have our three amazing Direct Support Professionals Brielle McLearnon, Jocelyn Anstine and Barbara Perry, who ensure all of the specific needs of our residents are met.

Windsor Home is not just about the walls that shelter its residents; it's about the comforting environment we have created that allows for connection and reflection. The sunroom, with its abundance of natural light, becomes a haven for quiet contemplation and shared stories. The back deck and fire pit invite residents to gather for cozy conversations under the evening sky and share laughter while creating memories together.

Beyond the features and activities, what truly makes Windsor Home magical is the warmth that emanates from its heart. These ladies, with their open arms and welcoming smiles, make every visitor feel like a cherished friend. Windsor Home is more than a residence; it's a living story, that brings a new chapter every day.

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