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This month we continue our Spotlight Series, by welcoming our longtime friend and newest Residential Core Member, Nick!

Nick recently moved into one of our Men’s Homes and became housemates with Kevin. Although Nick just recently moved into one of our homes, he has been a part of the Emmaus Home Family for many years as a beloved member of our Day Program.

Nick is very active and loves to socialize. Some of his many hobbies include; arts and crafts, spending time with his family, horseback riding, swimming at the YMCA, volunteering, reading comic books, and doing 1,000 piece puzzles. Nick has many talents, not long after Nick started attending our Day Program we noticed his gift for art. Everyone enjoys seeing his beautiful artwork, some of his artwork was chosen to be showcased in an Art Exhibit! Nick is also talented with computers, he enjoys surfing the internet and looking up facts about his favorite characters. And we just recently discovered his talent for singing Karaoke!

Since moving into his new home, Nick’s favorite activities have been walking to the local Comic Bookstore and spending time with his family. Nick has enjoyed many visits with his family and is looking forward to spending the holidays with them. We are so blessed to have Nick in our community and we congratulate him on moving into his new home! We look forward to many more years of sharing life together.

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