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Home Sweet Home at Swarthmore House

Nestled in the heart of Swarthmore lies a home filled with heartwarming stories, unique interests, and amazing individuals. The heartbeats of our Swarthmore home are Nick and Kevin. These two men, though different in interests and hobbies, are bound by a common thread – the unparalleled love and support they receive from the Emmaus Home community.

Our journey started with Kevin. As a testament to the power of a mother's love, Emmaus Home was founded by Kevin's mother. Her vision was to create a space where her son, and others, could find not just a house, but a home. Today, that vision has transformed into a sanctuary of love, support, and growth for both Nick and Kevin.

Our exceptional team makes this possible. Spearheaded by our Autism Specialists, Zach and Robert, and Montess as a primary lead, we've been fortunate to have dedicated members like Kelly, Varfley, Erin, and Brian, who go above and beyond in ensuring that the house remains a space of joy, learning, and individual growth.

One of the charming quirks of our Swarthmore home is the neighborhood firehouse alarm. It might sound ordinary to many, but for Kevin, it's a symphony. He fondly labels the alarms as "big loud and little loud." You'll often find Kevin sitting outside, eagerly awaiting the next chime.

Nick and Kevin, though living under the same roof, have diverse interests that define them. Nick's days are often marked by his love for horseback riding and volunteering at a kitchen where he skillfully rolls silverware. He also enjoys ice-skating, bowling, and having a blast at Urban Air. But his activities aren't just confined to the outdoors. At home, he dives into the digital world on his computer, deciphers puzzles, assists in the kitchen, and enjoys leisurely walks in the neighborhood.

Kevin, on the other hand, loves visits to the Olive Garden with Zach, thrilling trips to carnivals to enjoy his favorite rides, escapades to the water park, and relaxing visits to the beach or local swim club. His unique fascination lies in his collection of toy snakes and jumping spiders. These rubbery companions accompany him everywhere. And, every Halloween season, his collection grows with the addition of motion-detected jumping spiders. When indoors, Kevin often finds solace in the virtual worlds of his Nintendo 64 and GameCube.

Our Swarthmore home is more than just brick and mortar. It's a story of two incredible individuals, their unique passions, and a community that's built around love, acceptance, and understanding. Nick and Kevin remind us daily of the boundless joys that lie in the simple moments of life.

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