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Home Sweet Home at Thunderhead House

Join us for a glimpse inside the Thunderhead House. Jason, Ken and Matthew have turned this abode into a lively, music-filled home…always buzzing with activity and a constant upbeat music vibe!

You will never find yourself bored at the Thunderhead House. Whether it’s taking walks around the beautiful neighborhood, cheering on Philly sports teams or hanging out in the quaint backyard, there is never a dull moment with these guys.

Jason, Ken and Matthew share many interests, hobbies and passions resulting in a strong friendship and many opportunities to connect and have fun together. Spending time with friends and family is important to all of them. They truly value and cherish every conversation they have with their loved ones. They all also have a love for Philadelphia sports teams and are having a blast rooting for the Phillies right now!

Jason, Ken and Matthew are uniquely different in many ways as well. Jason is truly a man of many talents. When he is not taking piano lessons or playing his Nintendo Switch, you can find him with his amazing telescope. Conveniently, Thunderhead House is nestled in a picturesque area, perfect for stargazing and exploring astronomy. Jason also has a keen taste in music! If there is 80s music playing, Jason is up and dancing. His adventurous spirit and caring nature always bring a smile to our faces.

Ken loves staying active and regularly enjoys the facilities at the YMCA. He has created such a special bond with everyone there, and they genuinely look forward to seeing him. Ken is always seeking out new adventures. He loves to spend his days exploring the neighborhood and appreciating the beauty of his surroundings. Ken brings so much positivity and motivation to this house, we are truly so fortunate to know him.

Matthew thrives in the outdoors. You can usually spot him exploring his community and embracing the beautiful nature in the neighborhood. One way Matthew stays active is by attending church regularly. Here he has the opportunity to get more involved while continuing to strengthen his faith and show his thanks. When he is not out and about in the community, he often joins Ken on trips to the YMCA, where he likes to stay in shape by swimming or playing soccer. And when Matthew wants to relax and unwind, he loves to hit the bowling lanes with his friends and family for a guaranteed good time. One thing we cherish most about Matthew is his zest for life. He is always up for trying new activities and exploring!

This house wouldn’t be the wonderful home it is if it weren’t for the efforts of our amazing staff. Here at Thunderhead House, we are so grateful to have a staff of 10 incredible individuals. Amanda, Michael, Tonya, Bibi, John, Bernie, Alex, Benjamin, Blane and Esther’s hard work and positive attitude are what make this house feel like a real family. With them, the sky’s the limit for everyone at Thunderhead House.

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