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Home Sweet Home at Woodland House

Welcome to the Woodland House, where Lisa and Mikayla create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere! As you step into this cozy abode, you'll be enveloped by a sense of warmth and comfort. You'll find the walls adorned with countless arts and crafts, showcasing the creativity and individuality of the residents.

Lisa, a woman with an adventurous spirit, enjoys a plethora of activities. From dancing at Zumba classes to exploring the aisles of Marshalls and Five Below for the latest trends, Lisa has an eye for style and a zest for life. One of her passions lies in cooking Korean food, and she frequents Hmart to gather all the ingredients needed for her weekly culinary adventures. Lisa also loves to keep herself active and engaged by visiting the YMCA, diving into captivating books at the local library, attending festivals, and hitting the bowling alley for some friendly competition. Thrifting and exploring the charming town nearby are also on her to-do list, and she never misses a chance to enjoy a delicious meal at her favorite restaurants. Movie and TV nights, computer gaming sessions, and picnics in the park with her loved ones are cherished moments for Lisa. And when she craves some quality pampering, she indulges in spa days to get her hair and makeup done before dazzling the world with her charm. Oh, and did we mention her extraordinary vocal talents? Karaoke nights are simply unforgettable when Lisa is around.

Mikayla, with her gentle soul, brings her own unique flair to the Woodland House. She finds solace in the peaceful halls of the YMCA, where she exercises both her body and mind. Treating herself to delightful meals at Dunkin Donuts is a sweet indulgence for Mikayla, and she often finds herself lost in the world of books at the library. As a lover of puzzles, she spends hours piecing together beautiful pictures. But Mikayla's heart truly sings when she immerses herself in the magical realm of Teletubbies and Disney Princess movies, where dreams come true. The simple joys of blowing bubbles, having picnics in the park surrounded by lush greenery, and marveling at the enchanting waterfalls and water fountains bring a sparkle to her eyes. Spending quality time with her family is of utmost importance to Mikayla, and engaging in timeless games like tic tac toe brings endless laughter. Just like Lisa, she also savors spa days that leave her feeling pampered.

At the Woodland House, the committed and dedicated workers, Amanda, Shakira, Tasha, Joan, Melphellia, Yemah, Ayanna, Tonya, and Esther play an integral role in creating a warm and welcoming environment. Their loving care and attention ensure that every day at the Woodland House is filled with joy and companionship.

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