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St. John's Home: A Place Filled with Warmth, Love and Great Company

Karen and Marcus call this cozy abode their home, and they are surrounded by friendly and helpful staff who make their days more meaningful.

The St. John's team is comprised of House Supervisor, Oliver, and team members, Austin, Fatemah, Joan, Eva, James, and Kelly. They're all highly trained and dedicated caregivers who always go the extra mile to make sure Karen and Marcus feel comfortable and happy. They work tirelessly to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where everyone can live with dignity and independence.

One of the special features that makes St. John's Home a standout residence is the lovely fire pit in the backyard. It's the perfect spot for people to gather in the evenings, enjoying each other's company while sharing stories or roasting marshmallows. They also have a lush garden that adds a touch of nature to the place, with some lovely vegetables for everyone to savor.

Another aspect that Karen and Marcus love is the proximity to the town and all its activities. They often join in the local happenings and are thrilled to explore all that the community has to offer. They also enjoy music can often be found listening and singing along to their favorite songs.

St. John's Home is a wonderful place because of Karen and Marcus. They truly enjoy life to the fullest, are always trying new things, meeting new people, and making every day a new adventure.

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