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Home Sweet Home in Phoenixville

This month we’re launching a series to give you a glimpse into the beloved homes that make up Emmaus Home. All unique and amazing in their own way, each residence provides a safe place for our core members to live independently and develop a strong family of faith-filled relationships.

Phoenixville Features

First up is our Phoenixville Home! The house is a beautiful corner property in a rural setting. The cul-de-sac provides the perfect place for our core members to enjoy walks, and the house features a great fire pit for group bonfires!

Our beautiful Phoenixville home

Our Core Members love the peacefulness of this rural setting.

Core Members and Activities

Karen and Marcus happily reside in this home. Karen loves to attend mass at the local parish in the neighborhood, and one of their favorite shared activities is hiking. Karen enjoys a job at Goodwill and Marcus works part-time grinding coffee beans. We’re so proud that they often host Emmaus Home’s monthly luncheons.

Karen and Marcus can often be found hiking together near their home.

Our Staff

The lead supervisor in the home is Oliver, and the lead staff person is Austin. Together, they work and live in communion with Karen and Marcus providing around-the-clock care and support to help them thrive in their home.

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