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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

As we continue to celebrate Autism Awareness Month, we couldn’t think of a better time to launch our new blog series introducing you to the wonderful Emmaus Home community.


Karen is 58 years old and came to live with us in October of 2020. When Karen’s mother passed away leaving her in search of a new home, Karen’s family prayed for a solution. It was not long before God, who hears all our prayers, opened all the doors for Karen to move into Emmaus Home 3 with her housemate, Mikayla.

Since then, Karen has been such a delight! She has a great sense of humor and adds so much to our Girls' Home! In her free time, she loves to walk, bowl, and watch sports including the Pittsburgh Steelers, hockey, and college basketball.

At the house, she serves as the head cleaner, helps with meal preparation, cares for her pet fish, and recently started our first Girls' Home Garden! She planted tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers which we will harvest for our family-style meals. We are blessed to have Karen as part of our community to share life together!

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